How to Make High Quality Videos

Now, let's face it. Making videos is harder than writing articles. Sound, lighting, editing, there's so much to it. But, there doesn't have to be.


One of the most important aspects of how long a video is watched is how it visually appears. There are a couple things you want to avoid. First, is being backlit. This is why you have a window behind you and all this light is coming through. It can make it difficult to see you and you will not be the center of the lighting in the video. Secondly, you want to avoid not having enough light. The easiest way to have good lighting is to buy a ring light or simply be in a well-lit room.


Good audio is essential to keep a viewer's attention. Nowadays, most cameras and phones have microphones that can capture good enough audio. On most phones, including iPhones, the microphone is on the bottom. Therefore, if your iPhone is standing up to film you in portrait mode, then the mic is facing your desk, table, etc, and won't catch what you're saying. Try at least filming in landscape mode, which is best suited for video platforms like ours, and ensures your mic is clear. If you want, you can purchase a USB or Bluetooth microphone to enhance the audio. However, this may require some post-production editing.


You don't have to spend hours crafting the perfect script. You've spent years as a clinician and in school, you already know how to cover these topics. However, creating an outline can help keep you going at the right pace and covering topics in the proper order. Sometimes, talking without a general outline can have us repeating topics or expanding too much in one area.

Presentation Style

There are two ways videos can be effective. The first is just you talking into a camera. It's important the viewer has clear expectations on what they're about to watch so use the first 10-20 seconds to address the topic you're about to cover. The second option is using a screen recorder tool that also captures you, like Loom. Using Loom or even recording screen sharing on a platform like Zoom allows the viewer to see both you talking and the screen you're sharing if you made a slide deck. Christina Jack does this wonderfully in her video on the end of relationships.

Title and Thumbnail

Big YouTubers and influencers will tell you that the title and thumbnail are the most important thing when it comes to getting more views. As a mental health platform, our titles and thumbnails need to be conscious of mental health; however, they should also get people's attention. Titles should be short and VERY clear about what you're covering. Because our platform focuses on life scenarios and emotions, those are great keywords for your titles. "Feeling Confused After a Break Up" tells the viewer just what this video covers. It may also be helpful to expand on this to give the viewer the expected outcome from watching the video. "5 Things That May Help Feeling Confused After a Breakup." Aside from the title, the thumbnail is what people are going to see before clicking on the video. Don't use copyrighted images, but use tools like Canva to help craft your thumbnail. Canva offers free accounts for individuals to get started.


Getting views comes with sharing. Each piece of content on haley can easily be shared by sharing the link in the URL or clicking the share button. Your video will also have its own listing in Google, so creating a title that people might also search into Google could help you appear more. While popular Google searches will be difficult to appear in, very specific searches might mean more views. For example, an anxiety monster activity is more specific and has led to a higher number of views on that article.