Getting to the center of the Center for Anxiety

Center for Anxiety (

What is the company? How much have they raised to date?

The Center for Anxiety is an all-cash pay practice with W2 providers headquartered in New York; however, they hire and see patients in other states including, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Wisconsin.

What's their mission? 
The Center For Anxiety’s mission is to put clients’ goals first while giving the best they can to their clinicians. They’ve seen more than 10,000 individuals have more than 50 clinicians on staff.

Who founded the company? Are their clinicians on the executive team? 
The Center was started by David Rosmarin, Ph.D., ABPP. David is an assistant professor at Harvard Medical School and CFA’s founder. He earned his doctorate in clinical psychology from Bowling Green State and did his fellowship at McLean Hospital/Harvard Med. His work has been featured in quite a number of places, including Scientific America, Boston Globe, and more

What's the business model? How does this company make money? 
The Center for Anxiety is an all-cash pay practice with rates that start at $200 and go up from there.

What does one get for paying that price? 
Depending on your needs, the CFA team may suggest one of several options ranging from individual therapy, group therapy, or an intensive outpatient program.

What is the cancellation policy? 
Not applicable to the Center For Anxiety.

If applicable, what are the pay/benefits for therapists? 
The Center for Anxiety is not your large tech company. This quickly growing clinician-led practice offers among the best benefits package we’ve seen in the industry. Medical benefits, paid maternity and paternity leave, a stipend for professional development, fully paid malpractice insurance, fitness and mental health benefits, and a 401K. Experienced clinicians can and do earn a salary above $100,000 at Center For Anxiety. New clinicians start out around $65,000 to $75,000.

Providers at Center For Anxiety are W2 providers, so you are truly employees. This does mean CFA handles all the administrative tasks for you, so you don’t have to worry about collecting payments or dealing with marketing, etc. Clinicians on the team are supposed to provide 24 hours of evidence-based therapy per week. This could be through individual sessions, IOP settings, or leading DBT skill groups. In order to work at CFA, clinicians must be licensed or license-eligible. The Center For Anxiety also focuses on recruiting clinicians with CBT and DBT training and experience.

The Review 
Between relocation assistance, medical benefits, high earning potential, and 24 hours of therapy work per week, the Center For Anxiety has certainly separated themselves when it comes to treatment of clinicians. Their ability to treat clinicians so well comes from their success in charging high rates in local markets. The Center For Anxiety offers reduced rates to patients who are being seen by clinicians still under supervision. The reduced rates are $200; however, patients can receive a reimbursement for their treatment depending on their out-of-network mental health benefits. 

The google reviews are 4.1 across 22 reviews. The reviews are a mixture of fantastic experiences, even traveling just to go there for treatment, to some qualms about the cost of the services at the organization. Across the reviews, no one mentions waiting long periods to be seen, so if you’re open to the structure of care they deem best for you, you might be able to get it quite quickly.