A Guide to Open Mind Health


Open Mind Health (openmindhealth.com)

What is the company? How much have they raised to date?

Open Mind Health is a mental health practice that offers virtual visits. The practice accepts a number of insurances and offers cash pay services. Open Mind is clinician-founded, director to client and is moving into the B2B space. Currently, the operate in both the West (CA, WA, ID) and the East (SC). Open Mind also offers nutritionists.

They have not raised external funding but are currently looking for investors.

What's their mission? 
Open Mind's team works to get to the root cause of what's actually causing the pain and does not believe in band-aids or one size fits all solutions. Open Mind wants to create an individual and holistic plan informed by your life experiences.

Who founded the company? Are their clinicians on the executive team? 
Open Mind was founded by Dr. Craig Beach. Prior to founding Open Mind, Dr. Beach was the lead psychiatrist for the County of San Diego. He also worked for nearly a decade as a consultant to the Canadian Mental Health Association and as a forensic psychiatrist at two different Canadian organizations.

Open Mind's leadership team includes a number of other experienced mental health professoinals.

What's the business model? How does this company make money?  
Open Mind accepts a number of insurances and offers cash pay visits at a rate of $125 per hour.

Accepted insurances include, Kaiser, United Healthcare, Optum, Aetna, UMR, Blue California, ComPsych, TriCare, Humana, Cigna.

What does one get for paying that price? 
To get started with Open Mind, you'll complete an assessment and book an introduction appointment with your provider. in the first session, you'll create a customized plan that could be a mixture of therapy, med mgmt, and nutrition. According to Open Mind's scheduling tool they do have same week availability.

What is the cancellation policy? 
Open Mind does not require subscriptions and does not have an FAQ for cancellation policy.

If applicable, what are the pay/benefits for therapists? 
Open Mind's clinicians are 1099 and are paid $60-$90 per session. Open Mind has a very intentional recruiting focus on creating a team from diverse backgrounds and life experiences to optimize client-provider fit.

The Review 
Open Mind is a fast growing and clinician led practice. Their combination of affordable client offerings and decent pay relative to other startups makes them an attractive option. Open Mind has a very impressive array of clinicians for how large their team is. From psychiatrists to social workers, nutritionists, pain management specialists, and more. Open Mind is a great option if you're looking for a team truly capable of assessing a person as a whole.

Open Mind opened in March of 2021 and thus has minimal reviews.

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